Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)

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Training Details

Event Dates and Timeframe
Any Time
Location and Delivery Method
Delivery Method
United States
Cost Range
To be determined

Host And Instructor

Emergency Nurses Association


Contact Hours: 17.65

Training Overview Description

The first few minutes of trauma care are critical to achieving better patient outcomes. The ENA’s Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) is widely recognized as the premier course for hospitals and trauma centers worldwide, empowering nurses with the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and hands-on training to provide expert care for trauma patients.


Rapid identification of life-threatening injuries
Comprehensive patient assessment
Enhanced intervention for better patient outcomes

A variety of learning methodologies are incorporated into TNCC, including online, a textbook, interactive lecture, hands-on practice and case-based learning.

Complete information and a link to a list of scheduled classes may be found at Contact individual instructors for class cost and space availability.

Traumatic Brain Injury
Primary Care
Emergency Preparedness/Injury Prevention
Emergency Medicine
Acute Care
Registered Nurse - CNS
Registered Nurse
Public Health Nurse
Nurse Educator
Nurse Anesthetist
Nurse Administrator
Licensed Practical Nurse
CNA/NA (Certified Nursing Assistant/Nursing Assistant)
Physician Assistant
Other Nurse Practitioner
Other Mid-Level Providers
NP - Women's Health
NP - Psychiatric
NP - Pediatric
NP - Family Practice
Emergency Medical Technician EMT/ETT

Registration Information

Classes are conducted on an ongoing basis around Alaska. The full list of dates and times is available at Cost and availability varies by instructor and site.