Archived Lectures from the Geriatric Healthcare Lecture Series (2015-2017)

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Northwest Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Center


C.E. Credit for Nursing : 15.00
Continuing Nursing Education at the University of Washington School of Nursing (UWCNE) is accredited with distinction as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation (ANCC). Nurses (California): Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, #7218.
C.E. Credit for BH/SW: 15.00
Specialization: Social Workers, Psychologists, and Counselors
Social Workers and Counselors: UWCNE qualifies as a Washington State CE program sponsor for social workers and counselors under WAC 246-809-610. Psychologists: UWCNE qualifies as a Washington State CE program sponsor for psychologists under WAC 246-924-240.
Contact Hours: 15.00

Training Overview Description

Help your geriatric population achieve optimum health. Learn the latest tips, treatments and guidelines for improving health in older adults in these new lecture series. These easy-to-use modules let you watch one lecture or the entire series. Earn 1.5 contact hours per lecture.

2017: Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia Series
Contact hours: Up to 15 contact hours Rx: Up to 3.0
Fee: $45

  • Caring for the Caregiver Lianne Hirano
  • Dementia Stephen Thielke
  • Differential Diagnosis of Dementia, Delirium and Depression Emily Trittschuh
  • Driving and Dementia Kristoffer Rhoads
  • End of Life Care in Patients with Dementia: Palliative Care and Hospice Wayne McCormick
  • Healthy Brain Aging and Dementia Prevention Emily Trittschuh
  • Herbals, Supplements and Dementia Gail Anderson (Rx=1.50)
  • Maximizing Quality of Life for Older Adults Across the Cognitive Continuum Susan McCurry
  • Safe and Rational Prescribing in Cognitive Impairment Stephen Thielke (Rx=1.50)
  • Using Family Dynamics to Cope with Dementia Marty Richards

2017: Selected Topics Series
Contact hours: Up to 15.0
Fee: $45

  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia John Gore
  • De-Prescribing Stephen Thielke
  • Developmental Disabilities in Older Adults Jenny Roraback-Carson
  • Geriatric Oral Health Susanne Kolare Jeffrey
  • Heart Failure in Older Adults: A Focus on Multi-Morbidity Michael Chen
  • HIV in Older Adults Wayne McCormick
  • Kidney Disease and Functional Decline in Older Adults Bob Roshanravan
  • Medicare 101: The Basic A-B-C-Ds Barbara Cochrane
  • The Alphabet Soup of Medicare Provisions Under the ACA May Reed
  • The Role of Area Agencies on Aging and Disabilities in Geriatric Practice Melissa Ensey

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Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
Public Health Policy
Primary Care
Patient Safety (Medical Errors)
Palliative Care
Medical Economics
Long Term Care
Heart Disease
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Evidence Based Medicine/Practice
Cultural Competence
Consumer Rights
Chronic Disease Management
Behavioral Health / Mental Health
Alzheimer's Disease / Dementia
Advocacy / Health Policy
Public Health Specialist
Health Educator
Environmental Health Specialist
Other Physician
Family Medicine Physician
Family Caregiver
Registered Nurse - CNS
Registered Nurse
Public Health Nurse
Nurse Educator
Nurse Administrator
Licensed Practical Nurse
CNA/NA (Certified Nursing Assistant/Nursing Assistant)
Physician Assistant
Other Mid-Level Providers
NP - Psychiatric
NP - Family Practice
Finance Professional
Medical Transcriptionist
Medical Biller/Coder
Vocational Specialist
Respite Worker
Recreational/Activity Therapist
Patient Advocate
Individual Support Worker
Home Health Aide/Personal Care Attendant
Case Manager/Care Coordinator
Dental Hygienist
Dental Health Aide/Therapist
Dental Assistant
Village Counselor
Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseler
Social Worker
Licensed Professional Counselor
Family & Marriage Therapist
Chemical Dependency Counselor
Behavioral Health Aide
Speech Therapy Assistant
Speech Therapist
Respiratory Therapist
Physical Therapy Assistant
Physical Therapist
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Occupational Therapist
Massage Therapist
Pharmacy Technician
Medical Assistant
Emergency Medical Technician EMT/ETT
Community Health Practitioner (CHP)
Community Health Aide (CHA)
Radiological Assistant
Radiologic Technologist
Radiation Therapist
Medical Laboratory Technician
Medical Laboratory Scientist
Laboratory Assistant
Diagnostic Technician

Registration Information

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